Island TAT Evolve is located in San Diego, California in a small town called Lemon Grove.


                                                                     Majority of our clients travel from all over the world. We are about 15 minutes from San Diego airport

                                                                     which makes it easier for those traveling.

                                                                     The tattoo process at IslandTAT Evolve is very unique in the fact that every tattoo is one of a kind and                                                                      is drawn with a pen directly onto the skin of the client first so it can been seen and approved before it

                                                                     is tattooed. This is done only after a consultation where a connection is made between the client and

                                                                     artist. We base our artwork on the foundation of being able to understand clearly the vision of the

                                                                     client and what he/she wants.


                                                                     We have clients that range from having no idea where to start with the tattoo all the way to the clients that have references and drawings of what they want. We welcome all ideas from clients and strive to make every new tattoo better than the last! Quality along with making the clients vision a reality is our goal.

Our studio is appointment only so we can spend quality private time with each client and not be disturbed by walk-ins or phone calls while we are at work. We give each client our undivided attention which allows us to spend time going over ideas and creating the perfect design that is unique to you.

We do our best to keep communication open and get back to inquiries as fast as possible for consultations or appointment setting. If you are interested in setting an appointment or asking any questions, please email – – or call 866-279-0699. We prefer email as phone calls are hard to answer because we are busy with clients daily. We look forward to working with you on your new meaningful unique tatau.

Island TAT Evolve / Private Tattoo Studio
7912 Lester ave
Lemon Grove, Ca 91945

Specializing in the Polynesian Tattoo

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Island TAT Evolve - Polynesian Tribal Art