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Island TAT Evolve - Polynesian Tribal Art

                                                                     Island TAT Evolve is located in San Diego, California in a small town called Lemon Grove.


                                                                    Island TAT is a tattoo studio that specializes in Polynesian tribal tattoo designs. We are proudly the                            

                                                                    official home of the spiritual tatau artist to the Mana Alii Nui (King) of Polynesia. At Island TAT, tattoos

                                                                    are not just merely ink on the skin; they are a great way to visually tell the story of the Polynesian

                                                                    people, showcase our rich cultural heritage, and pass on our ancestral history to the future

                                                                    generations. We do this by opening our hearts to learning new things, speaking with the elders, and

                                                                    studying the ancient history of different tribes.


 Our tattoos are exceptionally unique, and every design is one of a kind. We leverage the combined 45 years experience of our amazing artists who have traveled to so many countries around the world, including: New Zealand, Easter Island, Tahiti, Hawaii, Canada, Philippines, Bali, etc. to learn the indigenous cultures of other tribes to help perfect our crafts. We draw inspiration from their wealth of exposure and experiences; to create the best tattoo designs that will inspire you to appreciate your culture, and keep you at peace with your body.


When you book an appointment with us, we make sure that you leave with a great smile on your face by giving you exactly what you want. We care about your privacy; this is why we made our studio an appointment only studio to enable you to feel at home while getting the value for your money. At every session, we - first of all - draw a sample of the chosen design with a pen directly on your skin for approval before it is tattooed. With that, you won’t have to bother about mistakes or incorrect drawings.

Welcome to Island TAT, the home of Polynesian tattoos!

Island TAT Evolve / Private Tattoo Studio
7912 Lester ave
Lemon Grove, Ca 9194