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       First of all, let me say there are other places very close to me for a Polynesian Tat. Humble Beginnings is only 20 minutes away from me, but I will buy the airfare and fly down to San Diego and only go to Joshawa at Island Tat.

In 3 years I have flown down there about 4 times and this week I completed the chest part to connect with my sleeve. In my opinion he is the best artist out there. Every time I have been there, I tell Josh the symbols and the meanings I want within the tatt. His vision and artistry he portrays on my body is far better than I could have ever imagined! 

Josh does everything freestyle. He never used a stencil on me. He just drew out the design with everything I asked for right on my arm and chest! Amazing!

The shop itself is only 15 minutes away from the airport in Lemon Grove. It is very private, and the new setting is intimate and private. Very clean. Joshawa himself is very professional and at the same time treats you like family. He pays very close attention to detail. 

If you can do it, it is worth flying down there to get a tatt from the best! Many people I know already fly down there to experience a memorable session that will last a lifetime. 

Ben S.

Dublin, Ca.

"The Island Tat shop is one of the cleanest, relaxing tattoo shops I've ever come across. I have been working with Josh at Island Tat on a 3/4 arm sleeve, chest and back piece. I told him my ideas on the tattoo and he came up with the most incredible interpretation and brought it to life! Josh is without question an outstanding artist! He actually draws the piece on you instead of onto a stencil. The tattoo you receive will be a one of a kind and the it will conform perfectly to your body.

I have had two sessions with Josh and each time he was an absolute pro at handling my discomfort and making me feel at ease. I am coming up on my third session with him and can't wait to see my piece transform once again.

If you want your tattoo idea to come to life then look no further than Island Tat and Josh! Josh is hands down worth the wait and you will not be disappointed!"


Erik C.

Seattle, Wa.

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TATtalk is a live show where we discuss many topics regarding culture. We engage with viewers so join us every Tuesday at 630 pm PST Click the link below to subscribe.

We have guests including Alii Nui (king) of Polynesia and you can rewatch any show we have done in the past. Check it out!

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