Chartiez Manutea

                                             MANU WILL BE TATTOOING AT ISLAND TAT FEB 4 - FEB 16 2019

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                                             I was born in Tahiti 33 years ago of a tahitian mom and a french father. I grew up in between Tahiti, the Marquesas islands and


                                             I started touching machines 10 years ago, and grew up from the age of 10 with my sister's husband as tattoo aritst, Carver and

                                             Music band great artist TOA URA (Tanavae ROURA)... surrounded by art !


                                             I quit my Job of Fly Attendant at Air Tahiti Nui 5 years ago to try to become a professionnal tattoo artist. Worked my way up by

                                             going back to school at 29, and have been graduated last year as wood carver from the CMA.PF (our traditionnal art school).
I've been working at TATTOO by PATU for 1 year now.
I have a wife and a 1 year old girl, wich is my best piece of art ever !
I'm specialised in Marquisian style (PATUTIKI), but I like to do many styles : Tahitian style, Mandalas, custom modern polynesian and a bit of realism

Specializing in the Polynesian Tattoo